Professor William Bazeyo

Professor Bazeyo is NEMRA’s Technical Advisor on Research funding and resourcesmobilization. He again offered unwavering support in running training sessions for the NEMRAMbarara chapter. Professor Bazeyo is NEMRA’s Technical Advisor on Research funding and resources mobilisation. He again offered unwavering commitment to his role and […]

Dr. Norman Mukasa

Dr. Norman Mukasa has been instrumental in supporting and working with the NEMRA Exec todraft, present and discuss key documents for collaborative partnerships with local andinternational institutions. He is also part of the NEMRA Board of Directors’ team that attendsnegotiation meetings with potential collaborators. #NEMRAStars #NEMRAAt3#NEMRAChangedMe.

Dr. Peter Samuels

Based at Birmingham City University, Dr. Samuels has been a pillar of research capacitybuilding initiatives at NEMRA in 2020/2021. Besides conducting WhatsApp topical discussionsand providing valuable materials, Dr. Samuels liaised with the University of Rwanda to includeNEMRA PhD students in a week long virtual research […]

Dr. Kevin Byron

A Vitae UK research capacity building expert, Dr. Byron has been one of NEMRA’s favoritetrainer in 2020/2021. He shared key tips around the idea of turning academic research productsinto enterprises, facilitated talks on Intellectual Property Rights as well as reviewing & writingliterature. He made an […]

Dr. Sandrine Soubes

Dr. Soubes is an expert research trainer and mentor. She engaged the NEMRA ladies onmanaging transition to the “new normal” and offered valuable support to individuals. She wasalso a very liked facilitator at the February 2021 workshop on academic writing where sheconducted 5 sessions on […]

2021 NEMRA Worksops

Dr. Martin Ongol

Dr. Ongol is Uganda National Council of Science & Technology’s Ag Executive Secretary. Hegraced two 2021 co-creation workshops as the guest of honor. His speeches were inspirational toPhD students, early career researchers and workshop organizers.

Professor Aaron Mushengyezi

Prof. Mushengyezi is the Vice Chancellor at Uganda Christian University. NEMRA workedclosely with UCU in 2020/21 as a result of the University Management’s open door to the IRICteam and support of the NEMRA idea of interuniversity networking. Prof Mushengyezi alsograced the May 2021 workshop as […]

Dlab Tanzania

Based at the University of Dar el Salam, Dlab Tanzania staff including Mahadia Tunga andCharles Bundu were involved in NEMRA’s research capacity building activities. Theyspecifically delivered seminars and workshops on open access and the use of data fordevelopment in Africa.