Classification of Membership

The NEMRA membership is classified as follows:.

  1. Life members: Members who shall pay the prescribed fee to become members of this category and approved as such in the AGM subject to the AA
  2. Associate members: Which shall include corporate bodies or individuals who will have paid the requisite fee and approved by the Board.
  3. Fellows: Members who will have rendered extraordinary service to the company and to the research discipline and whose membership is five years or more subject to nomination by at least three (3) life members and eventual approval of the Board.
  4. Student membership: For students doing research and who will have paid the requisite fee and approved by the Board
  5. Honorary members: Determined by the Board from time to time.

Individual Membership

  • Pay UGX 100,000/=
  • Paid per year

Institutional Membership

  • Pay UGX 1,000,000/=
  • Paid per year

Life Membership

  • Pay UGX 2,000,000/= 
  • Paid once

The following shall be the benefits that the members can accrue from their membership status:

  1. Decision making and involvement in the operation of the network e.g., the right to vote at the AGM and election of/to the Board of Directors.
  2. Access to the resource center at NEMRA offices.
  3. Priority and subsidized rates at NEMRA workshops, conferences and other events.
  4. Involvement as investigators in NEMRA’s interuniversity research projects.
  5. Involvement in the NEMRA’s mentorship programme as a mentee.
  6. Obtaining consideration for recommendations and referrals.
  7. Access to NEMRA partnerships and Fellowships
  8. Involvement in NEMRA’s writing accountability groups, peer review of writer-ups and other peer support programmes.