Network for Education & Multidisciplinary Research Africa

Who We Are

NEMRA is a network of researchers from around the World who fall in the scope of postgraduate research students, early career researchers, senior academics and practitioners with the focus on strengthening and deepening multidisciplinary research in Africa. The network is governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of eminent researchers and academicians with expertise in multiple disciplines and representing academic institutions, government agencies, postgraduate students and practitioner organisations. The day-to-day activities are run by the Managing Director led Executive committee comprising of three technical Departments i.e. the Training and Mentorship department, the Research Projects and Publications Department and the Mobilisation and Advocacy department. The three technical departments are coordinated by the department of Finance and Administration


Why Do We Exist

To provide a platform for inter-university networking and collaboration in multidisciplinary research capacity development among the members. And consequently facilitate quality research for societal wellbeing in Africa. We believe that “the whole is more than singular parts put together” in the process of mentorship for future researchers to become self-confident and sustainable. Thus, the interuniversity collaboration, partnership, and networking across the various actors around research for and in Africa.

How Do We Operate

Our technical activities are structured around 3 departments.

This Department focuses on nurturing researchers holistically prepared to contribute to societal well being through provision of quality and relevant research products including knowledge, publications, polices and innovations. The department takes charge of NEMRA’s second strategic objective, i.e. To offer complementary services to schools of postgraduate studies in the area of research capacity building thereby increasing completion rates of postgraduate students, enhance the research culture among academics and build an intellectual group of scholars. To achieve its intents, the department has three strategic actions.

  1. Conducting periodic inter-university regional research workshops and seminars.
  2. Running The NEMRA Early Career Researchers mentorship support programme
  3. Creating and coordinating research, writing and accountability groups through an interuniversity research community.

Download NEMRA Mentorship guidelines

This department takes charge of NEMRA’s strategic objecting 3 and 4 i.e.,1) to produce relevant, high quality academic research outputs for policy and decision making at every level of society on the continent; and 2) to disseminate and enhance availability of academic research outputs to users. The department’s strategic actions are:

  1. Developing multidisciplinary research teams and conduct research projects.
  2. Organise periodic conferences.
  3. Develop NEMRA publication outlets and manage the network’s research outputs.
  4. Mobilise, secure, and manage NEMRA research funding.
  5. Develop an interuniversity data and information management infrastructure.
  6. Coordinate open peer reviews of research write-ups among members C. Membership mobilisation and advocacy.

This department is responsible for membership and stakeholder/partnerships mobilisation. The department is also in charge of popularising the network’s strategic plan and intent. This is in line with objectives one and five: ie., “To provide a platform for an inter-university research related collaboration and networking among academic researchers, postgraduate students and practitioners” and “To mobilise, institutional and individual membership for acceleration of NEMRA’s vision through publicity and advocacy”. To achieve its intents, the Mobilisation and Advocacy department has four strategic actions.

  1. Mobilise individual and institutional memberships and building bridges between researchers and the wider society.
  2. Strengthen NEMRA online presence through the publication of engaging and quality content on NEMRA website.
  3. Run active NEMRA social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.
  4. Support convening of NEMRA conferences and symposia
  5. Demystification of research, providing sources of news and information and building close working relationships with the media.

Our Mission

To demystify the issues around doing academic research, develop insights across a wide array of disciplines, share ideas and develop networks in the process of providing solutions to societal problems through research.

Our Vision

At NEMRA, we envisage a network of academic researchers advancing a culture of intellectually generated evidence-based policy and practice in Uganda and beyond.

Our Strategy

● Professionalism
● Integrity
● Innovativeness & Creativity
● Collegiality
● Inclusiveness
● Generosity