March 2022 Workshop

March 2022 Workshop

March 2022 Workshop

March 2022 Workshop

March 2022 Workshop

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Participants at NEMRA's first anniversary in UCU, Mukono.

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NEMRA participants at a research workshop held at Bugema University, Kampala Branch.

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Dr. M. Katusiime, coordinator of the ongoing research project.

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The participants at the 3rd NEMRA Africa workshop held on 30th November 2018 at UTAMU Campus in Bugolobi.

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Group photo of academicians and researchers who participated at the 3rd NEMRA Africa workshop.

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About NEMRA Africa

NEMRA is an independent group of early career and senior academic researchers, practitioners as well as postgraduate research students from across several universities and research oriented organisations in Africa. The group operates as a not-for- profit network with a vision, mission and objectives as stipulated below



NEMRA envisages a network of academic researchers advancing a culture of intellectually generated evidence-based policy and practice in Uganda and beyond.



To demystify the issues around doing academic research, develop insights across a wide array of disciplines, share ideas and develop networks in the process of providing solutions to societal problems through research.


The objectives

1.    To provide a platform for an interuniversity research related collaboration and networking among academic researchers, postgraduate students        and practitioners.

2.    To offer complementary services to schools of postgraduate studies in the area of research capacity building thereby increasing completion rates         of postgraduate students, enhance the research culture among academics and build an intellectual group of scholars.

3.    To produce relevant, high quality academic research outputs for policy and decision making at every level of society on the continent.

4.    To disseminate and enhance availability of academic research outputs to users.


The network’s initial research project is a Predictive study on the current Uganda- China relationship. It is currently running by a 6-member team of academics and students from member institutions.

Activities of the network include conducting monthly research workshops covering a wide array of topics on research, funding, publication and engagement.

Read the inspiring stories of academicians whose stories are amazing, and we share them with you here. It is such an honor to be a part of the wonderful journeys they have embarked upon.

This Strategic Plan was formulated in a participatory manner involving various stakeholders with various interests in ensuring that research outputs in Africa are of sufficient quality and quantity and delivered for societal wellbeing.

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