1. We Develop and Grow

We nurture researchers holistically. Our approach is to utilise the joint resources we have across member institutions in terms of knowledge, infrastructure, finances and more to support each other in the development of our research skills and abilities. We aim to develop our capacity to be all round researchers able to do, manage and utilise research. We grow together as individuals, inter-institutional & multidisciplinary teams as well as a network through selfless peer support and sharing.

2. We Challenge

We break traditional walls and attitudes about research for academic awards, publications, and consultancy to research for a higher aim i.e., societal transformation.  Our environment challenges the research culture within universities and practice to adopt networking and joint effort approaches in research that accelerate realisation of desired futures for communities in Africa. We challenge attitudes about research as an endeavour for merely fulfilment of personal ambition but a contribution to building our communities and continent. We aim for transformation in the research culture in Africa and consequently the continent.

3. We Mobilisation Collaborate

Our aim is to break silos in researcher development, research, and research products utilisation in Africa. We provide a platform for an inter-university & multidisciplinary research related collaboration and networking among academic researchers, postgraduate research students, and practitioners interested in research for and about Africa. We encourage participation from individuals and institutions from around the world who have interest in the processes of transforming the research culture and the research landscape in Africa.