Call for Application to the Academic Writing Workshop

We are pleased to announce the first NEMRA Co-creation writing workshop under the Interuniversity Research and Innovation Community for the Early Career Researchers in Uganda project; IRIC-ECRU

IRIC-ECRU is funded by the government of Uganda through the Makerere Research and Innovation Fund. More Information about IRIC-ECRU can be found here

This programme will take place virtually between the 11th-15th January 2021. It will be the first of the three co-creation workshops planned on the project and will be about Academic Writing.

By the end of this programme, participants will have:

  1. Obtained access to a pool of online training resources on academic writing and engaged with its content
  2. Reviewed their academic writing approach, acquired new skills or ideas to enhance aspects of their academic writing
  3. Reflected on their habits and effectiveness in academic writing and identified an action plan to build effective writing habits
  4. Gained the opportunity to extensively discuss with other ECR and share approaches & challenges with academic writing
  5. Discussed with other researchers from across institutions and disciplines about academic writing through a facilitated process aiming to initiate interactions and collaborations.

The programme will address a number of key themes, such as:

  1. Creativity in Research, Identifying and articulating research topics
  2. Writing a literature review
  3. Critical writing, Analysis, Synthesis, Argument construction
  4. Choosing the right journal, Academic writing skills, Peer review
  5. Personal development in writing, Writing tools and techniques
  6. Developing effective writing habits
  7. Creating writing communities
  8. Building resilience for writing projects
  9. Style consideration in academic writing
  10. Academic voice and going beyond academic writing to make your research contribute to society

The key objective in this initiative is to establish a community of early career researchers and academics committed to exchange and support each other with the view of anchoring researchers’ professional development as a process to build research collaboration and building research capacity.

Why invest a week in your academic writing competencies?

  1. Improving academic writing is a lifelong endeavour that does not just “happen”; it requires commitment, reflection and action.
  2. Improving your academic writing does not need to be a lonely process but it can be enriched through exchanges with other researchers.
  3. Academic writing and the successful publication of research is essential in building your academic credentials and career. As a cornerstone of academic success, committing time and effort to your professional development will be a great investment.

The 5-day programme will provide a mixture of online recorded lectures, virtual live training sessions and face-to-face writing retreats.

40 places are offered onto this programme.

Please note the following formal eligibility criteria:

  1. Participants must hold at least a master’s degree (or equivalent).
  2. Participants must be based at an institution in Africa
  3. Participants must be proficient in English.
  4. Senior lecturers and professors are not eligible to apply.

About the Facilitators

Dr Sandrine Soubes profile can be found here

.Dr Kevin Byron’s profile can be found here

To book onto the programme, we are asking you to fill in an application form here

For inquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +256 703 456854


Deadline for applications: 15th December 2020



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