Call for Literature Review Concepts

The Research and Innovation Community for the early career researchers in Uganda (IRIC-ECRU) project invites teams to submit concepts for desk reviews of literature on Research & Innovation in Uganda.


IRIC-ECRU is a project run under the coordination of an inter-university team of investigators from Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Mutesa I Royal University.  IRIC-ECRU is in its initial stages of creating an inter-university community consisting of PhD students and early career researchers in Ugandan to synergise their research and innovations (R&I) ideas into coordinated and high quality outcomes for engagement and impact. The team operates under the umbrella of the Network for Education and Multidisciplinary Research Africa (NEMRA).

The purpose of the reviews is to identify gaps in multidisciplinary research, R&I ecosystem building as well as knowledge and technology transfer for development in the country.

Expected outputs of this exercise will be:

1. Review manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed journals

2. R&I ideas for IRICommunity members to develop further for funding.

Ideas may cover aspects including but not limited to:

1) R&I policy formulation 2) Human capacity building for R&I, 3) Intellectual Property Rights, 4) Research funding, 5) Technology and knowledge transfer/uptake, 6) Public engagement and impact, 7) Open science and data for R&I, 8) Academic institutions' role and practice for R&1, 9) National Research Agenda, philosophy and Development

Ideas are welcome from teams comprising of 3-5 PhD students and/or early career researchers (should have attained the PhD award not earlier than September 2015). Multidiscplinary teams are prefered. 

Information required:

  1. Team members’ full names, email addresses, institution and position.
  2. Team members’ proof of qualification (Proof of admission for PhD students and a copy of academic certificate for the early career researchers.)
  3. NEMRA membership number (For NEMRA subscribed members)
  4. Proposed topic for review with not more than 100 words description of the relevance of the topic


For further information and submission email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Deadline:  15/11/2020

Only 5 successful teams will be contacted by the end of November 2020 for further engangement.

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