African Scholars and the Pursuit of the Continent’s Wellbeing - Professor Elizabeth Bachwayo Speech at NEMRA Anniversary

Professor Elizabeth Bachwayo gave the NEMRA 1st anniversary speech on the African Scholar and the Pursuit of the Continent’s Wellbeing. The anniversary celebrations took place on 21st September 2019 at Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

Professor Elizabeth Bacwayo giving the anniversary keynote speech


African Scholars and the Pursuit of the Continent’s Wellbeing:

There are basically four forms of scholarship

  1. Scholarship as discovery. This is discovery of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Places pure/basic research and pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. Scholarship as discovery of new knowledge and publication is highly recognised for postgraduate award and academic promotion in universities.
  2. Scholarship as integration. Scholars reach out across boundaries to create new knowledge. Involves synthesis of knowledge from different disciplines to find relationships.
  3. Scholarship as practice. Application of knowledge to address national problems in different practice. This is popular outside academia. It is rarely emphasised for postgraduate award or academic promotion.
  4. Scholarship as teaching. Almost every academic is involved in this form of scholarship. It builds on the other 3 forms. Quality teaching depends on the quality of the other scholarships that the teacher engages in.

What should the African scholar do towards the continent’s wellbeing?

  1. Take rightful position in being the ones to extend the knowledge boundaries, about themselves and about the world around them.
  2. It should not be the exclusive domain of the non African authorities and experts theorising about Africa.
  3. Be at the forefront of producing and discovering and sharing knowledge about Africa.

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