NEMRA's July 2019 Research workshop Was A 'Double Do'

Two workshops were conducted under the topic "Research Supervision as a mentor-mentee relationship" this month on Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July. 

A group photo of all the participants at the workshop held at RAN Lab in Kololo. 

Professor John Mugisha, the Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University who facilitated the Saturday event took participants through the Anne Lee approach to research supervision (Lee, 2008). The workshop was hosted by Resilient Africa Network of Makerere University School of Public health.

The Sunday event was held at Bugema University where Professor Jude Lubega, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of UTAMU shared with participants about the ethical dimension of supervision, the role of doctoral committees and publications resulting from a supervisory relationship.

Group photo of participants at the Bugema workshop. 

The participants had positive things to say during and after the workshops:

 "I thank God for all this generous sharing. This is very helpful to us. I am currently on my PhD journey .

About the subject matter covered in the workshop, I realise that, the supervisor - supervisee relationship that was emphasized is a one to one relationship. But the case of a many-to-one relationship needs to be tackled.That is two or more supervisors knowing each other or not, with completely different  philosophical orientations , supervising a student. How can the student get them to agree on a unified thesis theme in the event of continued divergences in their feed back? What about one being very active in reading the student's work and returning feedback while the others taking unbearably too long to reply. What should a student do?"

"The winner was on how to handle sex advances from innocent students not on basis of love but in search for marks. Though a student can forgive you at a point in time, you as a supervisor you will never forgive yourself for being a predator. Using a personal experience and how the facilitator handled the whole situation indicated why you, Prof. John Mugisha, are a Vice Chancellor. Once again it was a great day!"

Prof. John Mugisha, Vice Chancellor Cavendish University conducting the workshop.

"Thank you professor for sharing your experiences. Personally was humbled by your humility despite your vast experiences and levels of accomplishment."

"Thanks Dr. Loice Natukunda for today's  event. It has broaden my thinking on my doctoral journey."


Prof. Jude Lubega, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) was the facilitator at the second workshop held in Bugema.

The two workshops attracted participation from 12 higher learning institutions  which include as below:-
1. Makerere University
2. Mbarara University of Science Technology
3. Makerere University Business School
4. Ndejje University
6. University of Rwanda
7. Kenyatta University
8. Mountain of the moon University
9. Uganda Christian University
1o. University of Ibadan
11. Mutesa Royal University
12. Bugema University

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