Dr Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse

Position: Coordinator: Research Training & Monitoring NEMRA Executive
University: Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Dr. Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse heads the Community Based Education Research and Service (COBERS) program in the Faculty of Medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). His research domain is Higher Education Management, Rural Health, health services management and Sexual Reproductive
Health and Rights (SRHR).

For his PhD he examined Community Based Education perspectives for health service delivery and how higher education can be poised to address health service delivery needs at community level. Gad has participated in the design and implementation of innovative Primary Health Care programs in Southwestern and
Northern Uganda. He has expertise in project design, implementation and evaluation, curriculum development, financial literacy & entrepreneurship and career mentorship.

He has a track record of working as an independent consultant, as well as part of a wider team. Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse has made presentations in a number of international academic for on Management for Primary Health Care and Innovative

He has contributed to publications in Primary Health Care Management and Innovative Education. With over 20 years’ experience of participatory research and practice, he realizes that relevant education and community participation are vital for mitigation of the escalating disease burden and poverty particularly within Sub Saharan Africa. Gad currently holds the volunteer position of Head of the NEMRA Mentorship and Training Department, and is a NEMRA life member.

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