Doctoral Seminar Series

The doctoral seminar series are part of the core activity of NEMRA Africa. They cover a wide range of topics in line with the individual students’ training and research needs. The doctoral student members of NEMRA Africa, organise these seminars on a regular basis, they deliver, develop and discuss their research in a collaborative informal environment. Academic staff in relevant disciplines to the topic being handled are usually invited.


The objectives of the seminar series are to:

  1. Enhance doctoral skills and competences.
  2. Create and develop a community of doctoral researchers across the universities and research foci.Provide an opportunity for students to present their work in a supportive environment.
  3. Deliver multi-disciplinary perspectives on the researcher’s work.
  4. Enable researchers to receive constructive feedback at all stages of their work to improve and enhance their research.
  5. Help identify opportunities for collaboration and cross-cutting research.
  6. Provide a platform to prepare for presentation and defense of the doctoral researcher’s work at proposal stage, viva and presentation of one’s work to the wider community.