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Nemra elects the second BoDs and gets a new Company Secretary

July 2023 was a landmark month in the life of NEMRA. The second general election to choose the Board of Directors (BoDs) was conducted. NEMRA’s first ever election in July 2020 saw Prof. Stella Neema take on the mantle as the inaugural Chairperson of the NEMRA BoDs working with a team of other six members. The BoDs is elected by members and serves NEMRA for three years. The general responsibility of the BoDs is to provide oversight and general management of the implementation of the strategic direction of NEMRA. NEMRA envisages a wide and well-resourced network of academic researchers and practitioners advancing a culture of intellectually generated evidence-based policy and practice in Africa.

As an inaugural BoDs, the 2020-2023 team took on the task in a difficult environment with the raging global Covid 19 pandemic. NEMRA was also in its nascent stages then with unstructured operations. Prof. Neema’s team have left NEMRA with a clear strategic plan, structured operational guidelines and a well spelt out governance structure. The team also made significant strides in launching an Executive Committee, establishing networks and collaborations, and supporting the Exec to execute the day-to-day activities of the network. They have left a significant mark in the history pages of NEMRA.

The team picking on the baton are led by Dr. Martin Ongol (Chairperson) deputised by Assoc. Prof. Edith Natukunda Togboa. Others on the team are Dr. Christine Mwebesa (Finance Director), Prof. Monicah Chibita (HEIs Rep), Mr. Arthur Makara (Government Institutions Rep), Mr. Moses Tuhame (CSO/Businesses Rep) and Dr. Wilberforce Kabweru (Postgraduate Students Rep). We wish the team a great term.

In other news, NEMRA’s Company Secretary of 4 years is moving on.

Dr. Kakuru Robert joined NEMRA in 2018 and was nominated by the Board of Trustees to serve NEMRA in the capacity of Company Secretary in 2019. Dr. Kakuru took on the position with experience and zeal to see NEMRA structured in compliance with the legal guidelines provided for running registered non-profit organisations. He was instrumental in matters of registration and filing. He also served on the Special Board Committee in charge of appointments to define the Executive Committee’s legal appointment and management. He played a crucial role in organising and conducting NEMRA’s general elections. He also served on the BoDs as an ex-official according to the operational guidelines of the BoD.

Dr. Kakuru is committed to continual involvement in NEMRA but his active participation in NEMRA management will be greatly missed. The BoTs nominated Mr. Patrick Mutabwire, an experience administrator, and former BoDs member to take on the role of NEMRA’s Company Secretary effective 1st August 2023.

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