Tackling Youth Unemployment


Aligning University Training to Industry Skills Demand through a University-Industry Communication Model

This project aims at narrowing the gap between skills provided by universities and those required by the industry. This is to be achieved by improving the collaboration between the universities and industry. To this end, this proposal suggests a communication model, to be implemented in a web portal with ability to collate industry needs into a repository to inform training curricula, programme design, research agenda, and outreach programmes; with the university community, for the latter to provide solutions that can be accessed by the industry through the envisaged repository. In addition, the communication model is envisaged to link the academia, industry and the national development planning. Already, the proposal is anchored on a tripartite partnership amongst selected university(ies), industry actors and the National Planning Authority (NPA). This kind of execution architecture has never been undertaken by the previous attempts.

  1. Annabella Habinka Basaza (MuK-CoCIS/Board Member, NITA-U) – PI
  2. Barbara Kayondo (MUBS-PhD Std/NEMRA) – Co-PI.
  3. Hamis Mugendawala (NPA)
  4. Robert Muwanga (MUBS)
  5. Godfrey Onyait (NCHE)
  6. Mr. Tuhame Moses (NEMRA/NCDC)/Project Coordinator


Harnessing Information and Communication Technology to drive development


To increase capacity for use of data (including big data and artificial intelligence) for development including fore-casting, planning, monitoring of programs and for development of applications that can improve service delivery. The sector would like innovations that increase the capacity of other sectors to develop and use electronic records such as the flagship e-services and rolled out e-services across all NDPIII programs (e.g. eGP, iHMIS, PBMIS).

Jan – Dec 2024

The Project is funded by the Government of Uganda through the Makerere Research and Innovations Fund (MakRIF)