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Inter-University Research and Innovation Community (IRIC)

NEMRA runs an Inter-University Research and Innovation Community (IRIC) for the early career researchers in Uganda. Based at the network's secretariat at Mutesa I Royal University in Mengo, the community is run by a team of NEMRA members from Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology as well as Mutesa I Royal University. The 5-year project received seed funds for 1 year from the Makerere Research and Innovation Fund towards training and mentoring Early Career Researchers, holistic researcher development, R&I ideas incubation as well as conducting joint research projects.

The Project Involves:

  1. Capacity building of early career researchers at participating institutions to develop research and innovation agenda: This achieved by organizing agenda-setting activities to advance cutting-edge research. The motivation is to have researchers from different fields jointly pursue projects that can bring unexpected breakthroughs and to continuously improve methodologies—as well to respond to real social problems, feed into other disciplines like health (in the case of COVID-19 challenge) and have a global relevancy.
  2. Establishment and strengthening of soft infrastructure that facilitates an inter-University and Interdisciplinary network among participating institutions and in Uganda at large.
  3. Coordination and management of research and innovation-based solutions through exchange activities to contribute to the National Development Agenda
  4. Strengthening and advancement of research and innovation output dissemination for community engagement and policy uptake

The Project Team:

Assoc. Prof. Godfrey Asiimwe (MAK)PrincipaI Investigator
Dr. Medard Twinamatsiko (MUST)Co-PI Dissemination
Dr. Loice Natukunda (MAK)Co-PI Training & Mentorship
Assoc. Prof. Kukunda E.
Bacwayo (UCU)
Co-PI Research Projects
Dr. Norman Mukasa (MRU)Co-PI Soft Infrastructure Development

IRIC-ECRU Online Forum

On behalf of the Ug-Researcher DATABASE /Mak-Rif project, the Network for Education & Multidisciplinary Research Africa (NEMRA) and other partners, we would like to invite all Ugandan Researcher with Doctoral degrees (and Master’s degrees) to include their professional details on the Ug-Researcher profile hosted by NEMRA. This can be done in 3 steps:

  1. Register & confirm email,
  2. Login
  3. Create a following and start collaborating 

The Network for Education & Multidisciplinary Research Africa (NEMRA) in collaboration with other partners is virtually launching the creation of Researcher profiles that will constitute Ug-Researcher DATABASE. The database will provide many scientists who have already registered to benefit from this initiative. The project aims to bring together Uganda scientists, enhancing collaboration, increasing visibility, and many more.

We cannot accomplish building this database on our own, and would appreciate your help in especially sharing it across your networks. Please share widely across your networks.

When you register via link you will find many scientists who have already registered to benefit from this initiative. You and other science stakeholders are further invited to use the database for any professional needs you might have.

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