NEMRA and UNSCT Project


Collaboration between NEMRA and UNCST to Promote Research Management and Community Engagement for Research Uptake and National Development

On the 26/06/2021, NEMRA and UNSCT held a special joint discussion on their potential for collaboration. This discussion concluded with a consensus that a document elaborating areas of potential collaboration is drafted and possible steps of formalising the collaboration between NEMRA and UNSCT are take henceforth.

NEMRA envisages a wide and well-resourced network of academic researchers and practitioners advancing a culture of intellectually generated evidence-based policy and practice in Africa. Its mission is to demystify the issues around doing academic research, develop insights across a wide array of disciplines, share ideas and develop networks in the process of providing solutions to societal problems through research and postgraduate education. The vision of UNCS is a prosperous Science and Technology led Ugandan society. Its mission is to provide efficient and innovative leadership in the development, promotion and application of Science and Technology and its integration in sustainable national development.
Area of Collaboration Action Points
Assessment of the current research regulatory mechanism in Uganda.
  • An online survey/inquiry on researcher-regulator interface.
  • Organise dialogues, retreats and round table discussion for UNCST and researchers
Collaboration and knowledge sharing between research institutes, HEls and the private sector
  • Development of a Think Tank to translate research into usable commodities
  • Organise periodic academia/industry challenges/ exhibition and, an online platform
Dissemination of research through technical and/or policy briefs, newsletter series, a peer reviewed journal and other publication outlets.
  • Set up a joint team to oversee carrying out of technical reviews of the various research projects that have been completed in different disciplines.
  • Establish periodic research outputs dissemination mechanisms through a Journal and NEMRA-UNCST conference
Research capacity building initiatives.
  • Conduct an inquiry/survey on the status of Research and Innovation Management in Uganda and consequently base on the results of the survey to design a researcher training programme about the same.
  • Design a training programme on knowledge transfer and commercialisation of research
Quality assurance and auditing of field activities for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Survey on Quality Assurance for approved Humanities and Social Sciences research