Message from the MD

Network for Education & Multidisciplinary Research Africa

Welcome to the NEMRA website

We are a diverse community of researchers, spanning postgraduate students, early career researchers, senior academics, and practitioners, all united by our dedication to advancing multidisciplinary research in Africa.

At NEMRA, we are driven by a common purpose: to foster Inter-university/institutional networking and collaboration in the field of multidisciplinary research capacity development. Our aim is to create a platform that facilitates high-quality research for the betterment of society in Africa. We firmly believe that the synergy of collaboration is greater than the sum of individual efforts, especially in the mentorship of future researchers who will carry our mission forward.

Our operations revolve around four pivotal departments: Researcher Training, Mentorship & Development; Research Projects and Publications; and Mobilization and Advocacy.

As we move forward, I encourage you to actively engage with our network, participate in our initiatives, and contribute to the collective advancement of multidisciplinary research in Africa. Your involvement is key to the success of NEMRA, and together, we can achieve remarkable milestones.

Juliet Kyayesimira, PhD

Juliet Kyayesimira, PhD

Managing Director

Thank you for being a part of NEMRA, and I look forward to our collaborative journey ahead.

Best regards,
Juliet Kyayesimira, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow | Carniegie Corporation of New York | CECAP
Lecturer, Kyambogo University