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  • Loice Natukunda
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2 years 3 months ago #23 by Loice Natukunda
Replied by Loice Natukunda on topic My research interest
Hi Jackie, your next opportunity to present your work in a nemra friendly environment is Friday November 1st at Makerere University Senate conference hall. Looking forward to listening to our research.

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  • Faith Mbabazi Musinguzi
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2 years 3 months ago #22 by Faith Mbabazi Musinguzi
Replied by Faith Mbabazi Musinguzi on topic My research interest
Hi Researchers, My research interest is Role conflict and Administrator burnout in higher institutions of learning. I'm phd student at the level of proposal I love Nemra and one day i hope to present my proposal to NEMRA to get more ideas.

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  • Swinnerstone Eugene Miheso
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2 years 3 months ago #21 by Swinnerstone Eugene Miheso
Replied by Swinnerstone Eugene Miheso on topic My research interest
High Anita, I am currently looking at eLearning quality framework, for higher institutions of learning. it would be nice If we shared notes

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  • Atuhaire
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2 years 3 months ago #20 by Atuhaire
Replied by Atuhaire on topic My research interest
I am interested in research around education and public health particularly reproductive health issues, and nutrition. As a researcher, I am equally interested in studies concerning research methodologies.

I have done studies on teacher quality and literacy achievement, malnutrition among under-fives, home births,
abortion, and depression. Currently, I am doing a study on reintegration and rehabilitation of obstetric fistula patients in Kitovu Hospital. I have published its literature review and the original study will soon be out there.

I am certain that this is the right place to be because the mission and the vision clearly align with my research interests.

Thanks NEMRA for creating this platform.

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  • Dennis Aguma
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2 years 4 months ago #19 by Dennis Aguma
Replied by Dennis Aguma on topic My research interest

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  • Luke Whaley
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2 years 5 months ago #18 by Luke Whaley
Replied by Luke Whaley on topic My research interest
I am a development scholar with a primary focus on environmental and natural resource governance. My research is inherently interdisciplinary, combining a diverse background in international development, the social sciences, biology, and philosophy. I focus on ways of enhancing social justice in the face of inequality and adaptive capacity in the face of social-ecological change and uncertainty. My primary regional expertise lies in Sub-Saharan Africa (including Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe). I have also carried out research in Europe (the UK and Italy) and India.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how power and meaning mediate the relationship between humans and the environment. My publications reflect a breadth of theoretical, methodological, and empirical work that together characterise my approach to understanding this relationship in the context of development. I am a natural synthesizer, working on and across boundaries to further meaningful interdisciplinary research.

I am currently a Global Challenge Fellow in the Geography Department at the University of Sheffield. I am undertaking a project in Uganda entitled 'The politics of believing: understanding how worldviews shape access to land and water in rural Uganda. The project develops mixed methods drawn from the arts and social sciences to investigate the interplay between worldviews and land and water governance in three cases (land, wetlands, water) in Eastern Uganda. Worldviews (beliefs, interpretations, and common sense knowledge) have been largely overlooked in development planning despite the fact they fundamentally shape patterns of natural resource access and use. This project addresses this gap, with important implications for developing more inclusive rural governance processes that better account for the interests of women and other vulnerable groups.

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