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Renowned NEMRA Scholar Dr. Gad Ruzaaza Unveils Latest Academic Masterpiece!

THE CHOICE I MADE: A story of Passion, Resilience and Life Long Learning; Dr. Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse (Ph.D) chronologically recounts his lifespan thus far, exploring with us distinctive choices that he made at each point of his life and to what path they led his footsteps.

It’s an informative intriguing story of a young boy from the late 1960’s whose life journey starts from Kiburara village, Kisoro district in Uganda with a commitment to be a life long learner. It is this passion that enables him to immensely contribute to so many pivotal developments at the community, national and global levels especially in the health sphere.

This is equally a story of survival, hope, reflection, prayer and above all unwaivering resilience. Indeed, as a life long teacher, Dr. Gad’s lifestory leaves us with a question to ponder on, “What choices are we making?” There is no doubt that these will birth our true legacy!

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